Specialists in Gunite ConstructionGunnite International was established in 1992 when Wayne Treges, who has been in the Guniting Industry since 1983, started manufacturing Gunite Machines locally. Up until this point Gunite machines had only been imported and unaffordable. Since founding Gunnite International has been a key supplier to mining houses, civil engineering contractors and international construction projects.

We offer an affordable solution to all your Guniting requirements, from Gunite machine sales and spares to a Gunite machine hire service as well as well-trained construction crews.

We manufacture our own design of Rock Max Gunite Machines engineered to withstand harsh African Conditions. Our machines have been sold through-out Africa and The Middle East. Our Rock Max Gunite Machines are backed up with full support, a range of spares and 24 Hour Service.

Our company stands for high quality products and service. We are confident we can achieve this objective to the benefit of our company and valued Clients.



More about Gunite

Gunite is “Aggregate conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity on to almost any surface”.

Unlike conventional concrete that is first placed, and then vibrated in a second operation, Gunite undergoes placement and compaction at the same time due to the force with which it is projected from the nozzle. Because of this, it is more dense, homogeneous, strong and waterproof than any other process.

Gunite is not constrained by needing forms. It can be impacted onto any shaped surface, including vertical or overhead surfaces.

When properly applied, Gunite has excellent structural strength, high shear capability and outstanding durability. Testing has indicated that compressive strengths in excess of 30mpa and up to 75mpa are readily achievable.

Applications of Gunite:

– Restoration and repair – bridges, foundations, walls, parking garages, canals, Silos

– New construction– buildings, pools, tanks, domes

– Reinforcements– slopes, seawalls, piers

– Lateral Support– Foundations, Embankments

– Corrosion protection– supports, piping

– Architectural– zoos, theme parks, churches, special environments

– Mining– sealing, stabilizing

– Silos & Shafts – High Strength (75mpa) Wear Linings

– Tunneling– primary support, finished linings